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Empower Your Future 

With the Manifesting Lady

Online Coach & Author - Karen Bashford

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Meet Karen

Founder and creator of The D.R.E.A.M. System ™

Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Advanced Re-patterning Coach 

Karen Bashford's purpose is to help women empower themselves. Everything in the universe is connected.  Without connecting the past with the present and future, life feels out of control and confusing.


You are a spiritual being. Therefore, the energy you vibrate at retains the memories of previous lives, ancestors, and past generations. Any abuse or trauma experienced in relationships and life remains within the body, mind and soul.


The D.R.E.A.M. System

provides the means to empower by removing the memories, limiting beliefs, programmed behaviours and habits, to have clarity, certainty and control in your health, wealth, and relationships.


Transforming lives from tolerating to empowered

Discover how Karen helps

Does any of these resonate with you?

Lost among the noise of life?

Frustrated and feeling out of control over time?

Manifesting the life you want?

Feeling unloved, not good enough, and lonely?

Demotivated & Restless?

It is easy to get lost in among the noise of life, pulled in directions that can cause you ill health, frustration, and feeling out of control over time.

Becoming You, from confused and frustrated, to in control, balanced, and fulfilled is the start of your journey to discovering the real you.

The hidden you, buried beneath the many beliefs, experiences, and emotions you have had since childhood.

Hand Reaching Out

"Working with Karen was enlightening, whilst also productive. I never knew I had so many blockages which meant that I couldn't see a way forward and that I was blocking myself.

With Karen guiding me through the D.R.E.A.M. System, 
I am now able to not only see my future but am happy to accept and own what I want!"

Nicola D
Female Bust

Karen is determined to help women who unconsciously carry trauma, which affects every area of life, especially health and wealth.

Had she known she was traumatised? She could have prevented the loss of her home, the abusive relationships, and her illnesses.

“Karen tuned into me straight away and I felt comfortable and able to open up to her almost immediately. The work I did with Karen really helped me heal from past trauma and release the pain that I have been holding onto for a long time.


I now feel a lot more calmer, more positive about the future, and even after my very first session with her, I began manifesting positive situations."

- Rebecca Akka

“Karen is an amazing coach.  I’ve worked with life coaches before, but she is in a different league.  She managed to tap into something that’s been holding me back all my life.  My limiting belief was so deeply ingrained that I didn’t even know it existed (I’m a psychologist and always over-analyzing myself). 


Since our session, my perspective has shifted massively.”

- Jess Baker

“Karen Bashford can really help. She has helped me move something in me and it is now opening up all kinds of opportunities:


I was able to sell a £10k membership in one weekend, whereas before I would not have allowed myself to get in that position. I don't profess to understand how it works,  but this time I don’t care about that!

It works. What more do I need?"

- Caroline K

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Why is The D.R.E.A.M. System™
different from other therapies, coaches, and manifestation programmes?

Let's start by asking…

If you could manifest what you want in life rapidly, and continue to do so, would you? 

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The Manifesting Lady

Listening to yourInner-child-image--300x234.jpg

Inner Child 


Meeting your inner child-337540_640.jpg
You are invited to sign up for the meditation and discover for yourself your inner child, feeling the love and pure joy of connecting with her.

Tarot Readings

Tarot Reading
Tarot is great for gaining guidance and direction. 
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Group Dream Coaching Program

Have you ever wondered...


Why you live the life you are and why things have worked out the way they have?

There is a reason for everything… Maybe you have a past life that is still playing out in this life.

Or you have to learn you are powerful and deserve love and respect.

In this book, Karen shares her journey to be free of the disempowering abusive relationships she had, but also why they happened, and it's not what you think.

The book is the basis for the D.R.E.A.M. Stystem™, providing exercises and asking you to look at your life with new eyes. 

Imperfectly perfect_picture.png

You are unique and special – don't allow anyone to take that away from you.

Did you know you have a money personality? 


No, nor did I until after working in the finance world, I realised we do. Created from your parents' relationship with money and how money has hurt or supported you.

When you know your personality and how you are likely to behave, you can make changes that help you build a friendly relationship with money. It's there to help you have the lifestyle you love, but more than that, the universe will provide for all you need if you let go of the fear and lack mentality around money.


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Success tips – Discover ways to have peace of mind and abundance for you and your family.

5 Success Tips

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