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Meet Karen

Abuse and Trauma Coach

Karen Bashford became known as The Manifesting Lady due to her work in helping to empower women after abuse and trauma. 


Ironically it was due to the lack of success in manifesting which led Karen on the path to discovering what was preventing her success after losing her home, suffering several life-threatening illnesses and experiencing two abusive relationships. 


Born psychic, Karen would see ghosts until a teacher accused her of being stupid. Later in life, she reconnected with her psychic abilities and began providing tarot readings, leaving clients astounded by what they heard.


Whilst training as a Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, Karen realised she could sense when past life, ancestral or generational connections were causing ill health, financial or relationship issues. But it was not until she was working with a client was she introduced by her guides to the Inner Child process she now uses as part of her D.R.E.A.M System™ to heal the past and manifest the future.


Karen has worked considerably on herself to heal her trauma and, in the process, recognised where her lack of success originated from – her parents being unable to say I love you or hug her, through no fault of theirs.  They were repeating behaviour learned from their parents.


Karen shares her journey and how she changed her life in her book How To Be Imperfectly Perfect – A Practical Spiritual Guide To Becoming You!


She is determined to help women who unconsciously carry trauma, which affects every area of life, especially health and wealth. Had she known she was traumatised? She could have prevented the loss of her home, the abusive relationships, and her illnesses.


Karen's career has included setting up and running a secretarial business after redundancy from Barclays Bank. Due to her extensive experience with customers, Karen wrote What's Your Money Personality book.

"I am known as The Manifesting Lady because I can make a difference in one conversation!"

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