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3 easy steps to stop your past defining your future

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

It doesn’t matter what you do, you feel as if you are stuck, unable to move forward?  You are constantly thinking how I can change my life? The future looks bleak and uninspiring?  There doesn’t seem to be anything you can do which will make a difference!

Imagine you have changed your life, instead constantly walking the same old path you are now living life knowing that you can have everything you ever dreamed of.

You are free of the worry and stress you have been carrying around like lead weights fearing the future. Instead you are confident… happier, healthier and wealthier.

What do you feel, what are you saying to yourself, what can you see, and hear. Take it all in, and keep imaging your amazing lifestyle.

Your thoughts create your present and your future

Did you know that your thoughts are creating your future even as you read this?  Instead of placing obstacles in your way to living your dream life, why not bring it to life? If you can imagine your life you can make it your reality.

Your mind is amazingly powerful!  But you have to do more than use your imagination to create your life, you have to take action. Inspired action in fact, you connect to your intuition and utilise the power of the universe to help bring to you, all that you need to create your future with ease and joy.

Start now, take action…

  1. Acknowledge your negative thoughts and feelings around your current situation

  2. Accept you are in control of your life, not external forces

  3. Choose to step out of your comfort zone.

When you acknowledge your negative thoughts and feelings, you are bringing them into the light, releasing the power they have over you.   As your negative thoughts come into your mind, acknowledge them and let them go, they are not serving you.  Stop complaining or moaning, you cannot undo the past, all you can do is be in the present.

Accept that you are in control of your life you can make choices that free you from the old.  Watch the negative words you use in your vocabulary such as I can’t; I should; it’s impossible; I must; I have to… These are just a few words you use in your everyday life. Instead start with I can; it’s possible, I choose to – there is no reason why you have to, or should do, or must do.  Everything is a choice.

Finally make a decision, that you can step outside your comfort zone, the zone where you feel safe and comfortable.

It is when you feel uncomfortable that you are able to move beyond being stuck, to have the momentum to release the fear of the unknown which has prevented you from flexing your muscles to experience life in different ways to previously.

Stop living in the past, your future beckons why not step into the present now.

If you are ready to move forward give yourself the gift of connecting to your Soul through the Inner Child Guided Meditation

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