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3 Simple Steps to Stop Thinking to Achieve Amazing Results

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

However you expect to think through a decision or problem, but it can lead to sleepless nights worrying and stressing what to do? At the time I mentioned there was another way to make a decision or solve a problem, but didn’t follow through with how to do so.

Why would thinking cause you to have sleepless nights, or worry and stress? It is because you use your conscious mind (ego) which is limited to your own knowledge and experience. Unfortunately your ego will seek to find the answer which keeps you safe. The ego will not suggest anything that takes you outside of its known safety area. Therefore you are going to experience a lot of internal arguments trying to figure out what is best for you.

Whereas if you follow my suggestion to listen rather than think. You will know what is right for you, without the worry and stress. Imagine sleeping the whole night through. Bliss!

How do you listen and not think?

It’s simple really, but it requires you letting go of the need to be in control! You have to allow yourself to let go of the outcome and wait to receive the answer.

I know how hard it is to let go, it’s a real challenge, especially if you are control freak! But when you let go it’s amazing what results you achieve. To listen take these 3 actions…

  1.  Acknowledge you don’t know

  2. Ask for guidance in the form of a question “What do I need to know/do?” Or “What is the next step?”

  3. Then let it go, and get on with your life, don’t be impatient you will hear the answer.

Let me elaborate for you.

In acknowledging you don’t know the answer you are stopping your conscious mind from trying to resolve your dilemma, it basically knows it can’t. Asking a question with “what” you are telling the universe to give you the answer.

The universe is connected to everything and everyone and has the ability to present the best outcome for you. But remember you will receive the guidance when the universe considers you capable of dealing with it, not when you want it. Although the universe can give an immediate response when appropriate.

Letting go of the outcome is important, don’t try and control. Just continue living life, but be open to receiving guidance. Guidance can be given in various ways such as an image you see, some words you read, or hear, even a unexpected meeting with someone. That is the wonder of listening, you don’t know what you will receive, or when and how.

In letting go, you are giving the universe the opportunity to create magic for you, surely that’s got to be better than thinking? Especially as your thinking, is based on generational and ancestral beliefs and expectations.

So save yourself sleepless nights. Try listening and in the process have fun and play with it, you never know what you are capable of deciding.

If you need help in ‘listening, book an FREE exploratory call with Karen who helps women create the life they love through empowering them to move beyond their limiting beliefs about self, money, success, judgement and so much more.

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