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3 Tips: How to move beyond fear into love

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Move Beyond Fear Into Love

Love is beautiful and light. It allows you to illuminate your path, to see what is there.

Fear hides in the dark, unseen but sensed, darkness stops you from seeing what is there.

Imagine a world filled with only light or only darkness.  So it is with love and fear, you have to experience both to know yourself fully.

When you face your fear you step beyond the darkness and move into the light where you feel safe and secure, ready to face whatever life throws at you.

3 tips to move beyond fear into love

Tip 1

What is causing you to be fearful?  Is it something you aren’t comfortable doing, or are you concerned you will be judged or blamed is it goes wrong?  Perhaps you are doing something for the first time and are fearful of what you have to do?

Whatever it is, acknowledge how you are feeling. Then write down what is causing you to feel as you are.  The best way to do so is to think back to what you were thinking when you were approaching what you had to do. Often when we are fearful, we forget that the fear originates from our mind and when we seek to know where the fear comes from it can be brought under control, especially when we realise it is our ego trying to keep us safe.

Tip 2

Bring laughter to the situation.  Laughter comes from the energy of love, and when you start laughing at your fear you can start to dissipate the fear.  Try asking have I died from …. yet? Makes it sound silly and causes you to laugh.

You cannot have fear and love at the same time. Any more than you can have total darkness when you shine a light into the darkness.

Tip 3

Next time you feel fearful say to yourself, “I trust I am a channel of love and wisdom.  My higher self will guide me to move beyond my fear and show me the way.”

Allow your higher self to show you the way forward, by releasing your fear to the light of your love and wisdom.

Don’t let your fears hold you back from living life with fun, laughter and love.

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