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3 Tips to motive change in your life

Spring is a great time to create change in your life.

There is so much promise with warmer and longer days to come which encourage you to go for what you want after the dark nights of winter.

Have you felt demotivated, struggling to see past the self doubt and lack of confidence?

Has it been an ongoing problem, one that you wish you could get past?

With the pandemic, and the current war situation in Europe, things have changed. You recognise you need to do what is right for you.

But you lack the energy to start to create change in your life. Despite knowing you don't want to continue living the same way.

Celebrate your realisation; it is a positive step forward. You deserve so much more.

Here are 3 tips to help you gain motivation to start changing your life.

  1. When you think of your life, do you have any regrets?

  2. What makes you happy?

  3. What would your younger self say to you?

Regrets are soul destroying you don't want to leave this world wishing you had been more courageous and done things that excited you. Only you didn't do them because you were worried about what people might say.

When you review your regrets, what do you say to yourself?

Are you critical and blame yourself for the mistakes you made?

Have you done things you felt you had to do because of expectations?

Awareness of what you say and do without consciously thinking about it are behaviours programmed into your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind controls your life. Therefore, you need to become mindful of what you think and feel. In doing so, you can consciously choose to change your actions.

Do you know what makes you happy? What fills your heart with joy?

We tend to push our feelings down and hide them; therefore, it can sometimes be challenging to know what makes you happy.

But as you look at your life, reflect on the times when you were excited. Things flowed; there was no pushing or pulling. Life felt good.

When you know what you enjoy doing, you can tap into the feelings you get at the time. Look for those feelings in other areas of your life.

Generally, the question asked is what would you say to the younger you.

But I find asking what your younger self would say to you? Is quite an eye opener, as you often blame yourself and feel guilty for not doing as well as you think you should have done.

When in fact, you have achieved far more than you are willing to acknowledge.

It may seem strange looking at what you regret, but do you want to continue to regret not doing what makes you happy.

Now you have worked out what makes you happy. You can start implementing changes that will encourage you to bring more happiness into your life.

And I can guarantee your younger self told you things like, you weren't to blame, you did your best. Please love yourself, don't ignore what you need. You are important.

Go for it, let yourself be happy, living the life you love. You deserve it. We are not on this planet to suffer but to enjoy life.

Nobody has ever regretted living a happy, fulfilled life.

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