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5 lessons I have learned connecting back to my true self

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I shared a post recently about letting go of the past, to be present, which was something I felt was important to share as…

Regretfully I have spent too much time, looking back at the past, being aware of what happened and how it has affected my life, but instead of letting it go, I kept doing and being the same person.  It is only in discovering my patterns and making changes have I been able to move my life forward.

What I have learned from my own experiences are…

You have to face your reality

Unless you are prepared to face your reality nothing changes.  Your beliefs thoughts and behaviours continue exactly as they have always have, until you choose to change.

Don’t keep blaming anyone – be responsible for your actions and decisions

Even though you have been programmed to believe what you choose to believe, it’s not anyone’s fault.  They were simply expressing what they believe based on their own experiences and what they were told. Now you know, stop blaming, be responsible for your own thinking and actions!.

You are a spiritual being

As a spiritual being you have an inner knowing of how to live life, but in accepting the programming you have let go of what you know, therefore it’s time to start listening to your own inner guidance – your higher self.

Reconnecting back to your higher self

Mediate, go for walks in nature, sit quietly and quieten your mind. I know this can be hard to start with, but if you initially start with 5 minutes, acknowledging any thoughts that you float through your minds, such as… this is silly, why are you doing this?  Or any everyday thoughts about what you need to be doing, attempting to resolve a problem.

They will come but they can go just as quickly when you choose to acknowledge them. However listen to those that are inspired, they come from your higher self.

You will gradually start to quieten your mind, and allow your higher self to communicate with you.  Being still, a bit like just before you fall asleep or wake up you hear words of wisdom, giving clarity to an issue you have been worrying over. Or a dilemma you have been working on.

Love you

Loving me made a massive difference in my life.  In fully accepting myself with all my faults and imperfections, I was able to stop judging myself, and believe in me.  I know I will make mistakes, and that life will still interfere but in loving myself I have faith and trust in me, and the universe, which will sort things out that everything will be fine!

In loving myself, I accepted I am the creative force in my life, nobody else. I don’t need to worry what others think it doesn’t matter.  I know I matter.  I choose to live my life serving others, but I also know that I need to look after myself otherwise I can’t serve by sharing my wisdom, knowledge and experience with others.

It took me so long to reach this point of my life, after spending years wondering if I would ever work it out! Amazingly it’s not about working it out. It is about listening to divine guidance in whatever way is appropriate.

#higherself #selflove #Spiritual

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