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Addicted To Making Life Hard Work? Here’s How To Make Life Easier

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Whilst having a conversation with a therapist with a thriving practice, we started discussing the hours she worked. Being self-employed she saw clients during an evening, often leaving her with free time during the day.

Instead of taking the time off she forced herself to work on the business believing she had to work hard to be successful.

But that is a myth.

When you are refreshed and relaxed you can get more done in less time. It is also helps to do what you love as you don’t consider it as work.

To shift your belief of “I have to work hard to be successful” here are my top 3 tips to make life easier:

Tip #1 Listen to what you say

How often do you make negative comments or statements about yourself? Such as I am useless at managing money, or I am fat, or I will never be any good at…

Listen to what you think and say. You will be surprised how often you say I can’t, I shouldn’t or hear a voice criticising you, saying you are useless, a waste of time, you’ll never be any good.

If your thoughts are negative, simply acknowledge them. It takes effort to be mindful of your thoughts. But once you are, you start to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Tip #2 Stop resenting or complaining about your current situation

You have created your current situation through the beliefs you have.

Just as you can change the negative thoughts you say to yourself so you can with your current situation. Acknowledge you are the creator of your life and that you are willing to let go of the old patterns of behaviour.

To do so you need to discover what patterns from the past are having an impact on your life now.

Sue, one of my workshop attendees used to resent her partner leaving her to deal with all the family finances. It wasn’t until she looked back at her parents and realised it was her mum who handled the finances she was able to let it go and ask her partner to share the responsibility with her.

Whose patterns are you following?

Tip #3 Be grateful

This is so empowering, I have known friends and clients to experience major shifts in their lives, literally in a few hours, by being grateful.

All you need is a pen and some paper or notepad and on a daily basis write what you are grateful for. When you take the time first thing in the morning it sets you up for the day.

The idea is to express your thanks for what you have already, letting the universe know you would like more of the good stuff.

You don’t have to write long sentences, short and sweet are acceptable and it doesn’t have to be big gratitude.

A simple; I am grateful for the new client. I am grateful for the bills. I am grateful for the safe journey. I am grateful for the money I have in my bank account.

Even better you don’t have to write zillions of thanks every day, go with the flow and write until the flow stops, there is no need to push for more.

So that’s my 3 top tips to make your life easier.

  1. Be aware of your thoughts.

  2. What you focus on is what you create… be aware of your patterns of behaviour

  3. Be grateful – express your appreciation of what you have.

You are in control of your life you don’t need to work hard or make your life harder, by taking positive action you will start to notice small positive changes which expand naturally.

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