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Anxious and Rejected

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Image – Nika Akin from Pixabay

Jake Paul of Twitter and YouTube fame was heavily criticised after telling his Twitter followers “remember anxiety is created by you” and was strongly condemned by people suffering from anxiety.

While Caroline Flack in her previously unpublished Instagram post wrote “I have been pressing the snooze button on many stresses in my life – my whole life.”

Paul wasn’t wrong in his statement, but failed to clarify what he meant… anxiety is the body’s natural reaction to trauma which has been experienced knowingly or unknowingly as a child, which has not been dealt with emotionally, therefore the emotions become stored in the body leading to the mind continually overthinking it is under threat, which in turn results in the body remaining in a constant state of flight or fight.

Whereas Caroline admitted the stresses in her life were continually ignored.  Over time the emotions she did not allow herself to process, would have resulted in her feeling out of control of her life, as she stated in the same post “she had been having some kind of emotional breakdown for a long time.”

It was hardly surprising Caroline wrote those words as the body will reach a breaking point if it is unable to let the stored emotions out.  Unfortunately in Caroline’s case being forced to face what was happening in her life caused her to commit suicide.

It is often the case that female entrepreneurs who have been successful in the corporate world find it hard to create successful businesses, although they don’t necessarily know why.

It is only in exploring their past do they begin to realise they have disconnected from their own emotional needs instead they are people pleasers striving to meet everyone else’s needs rather than standing up and voicing what is important to them and believing they are entitled to do so.  Although as Caroline’s mother Chris Flack stated “”Carrie… was told not to post (her Instagram) it by advisers, but she so wanted to have her little voice heard.”

In the exploration process they come to realise they feel uncertain, overwhelmed, unsafe, angry and separate from the world, even within their family environment. They fear being rejected as they struggle to believe they are good enough.

Over time, their beliefs and suppressed emotions cause the body to react as it desperately tries to bring awareness to the misalignment it is experiencing.  It does so through anxiety and depression, auto immune disease, cancer or other serious health issues.

When the emotions are released, naturally and effectively through connecting back to the past and allowing the wounded child within to express the emotions it was unable to do so at the time, the mind is then able to let go of the need to keep the body in a constant state of flight or fight.

It is a shame that Caroline’s own wounded child was unable to feel good enough, loved and safe within for she would not have been so affected by the all the social media criticism nor would she have been in a situation where she suppressed her own needs even before the legal advisers forced her to do so.


If you are experiencing any form of anxiety, depression, or are emotionally upset please seek professional help or speak with someone you can share with it will help you cope with what is going on.  You do not need to be alone.

If anything I shared here resonates with you and you require more information please get in touch.

Image – Nika Akin from Pixabay

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