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Are You Listening to your Ego or Your Intuition? How Do You Know it Is Your Intuition?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Today I am responding to a question I am frequently asked “how do you know it is your intuition?

Generally you have a sense, a feeling when your intuition is communicating with you. You hear words, or see things that can come out of the blue. Whereas when your ego, your logical mind answers, you will have been thinking, trying to figure something out. Your ego works through a process, rather than a random response.

However it can be hard to connect with your intuition because of your busy everyday life, together with the noise from traffic, music, mobile phones, TV and people.

And don’t forget the 2 million bytes of information your unconscious mind has to deal with every second as you hear, see, feel, taste and smell everything in your world through your senses.

So when you wonder if it is your intuition, start to be curious, and be open to the experience of listening and feeling rather than thinking. Thinking is your ego’s way of doing things. You are trying to find an answer or a thought that is stored already in your mind. Intuition comes naturally from inside of you, your higher self.

I rely heavily on my intuition especially when under pressure and feeling emotional, so I developed a series of questions to check if it is my intuition or my logical mind.

You are about to learn the 3 questions to ask (and answer) to know whether your intuition is communicating with you.

The questions are easy to remember and only take a few minutes to answer, which makes it possible for you to develop your sense of knowing rapidly.

Take the time to learn the following questions…

  1. How am I feeling, am I aware of any sensations in my body?

  2. Have I asked a “what” or a “how” question?

  3. How relaxed was I when I received the answer/insight?

Let me explain the purpose of the questions.

How am I feeling?

I am sure you have experienced a “gut feeling” to warn you of an impending danger or something not being quite right. However, your intuition will also create feelings or sensations in your body to communicate with you.

Scan your body on a regular basis and get to know the feelings or sensations you experience. The more you practice the more aware you will become.

When I first started listening to my intuition, I found I get a tight feeling in my chest when I am speaking with someone who is anxious, or I would start to feel tearful.

Your intuition works to guide and support you. But it will also enable you to have a better understanding and clarity of what is going on around you such as the feeling of being watched, making you more cautious when you get that feeling.

A “what” or a “how” question?

The “what” question allows for guidance from the universe and your intuition, rather than “how” which restricts you to receiving the answer from your conscious mind.

For example: What do I need to know? What actions can I take? What is the next step?

When you ask what, expect to have a light bulb moment at some point, as you let the question be answered by your intuition which is connected to source. However when you ask how you are likely to spend hours going over the same problem, just getting more and more frustrated.

And the final question…

How relaxed was I?

It is easier to receive an answer from your intuition when you are relaxed such as sleeping, upon waking, in the shower or day dreaming.

Your thoughts are more inclined to be unfocused therefore your intuition is able to get through all the distractions you experience.

To hear more often, allow yourself to day dream, you will be surprised what you “see.” Keep a notepad and pen nearby to record any insights you are given, because you don’t remember them.

It takes practice to be consciously aware of any messages you receive. Never force a response, it will be your ego responding, not your intuition, always go with the flow.

One final point your intuition will communicate in various ways, even images which you may need to interpret as it will use what your conscious mind knows. It could be an eagle flying and then you will have to interpret what that means to you… freedom, overview, soaring high, focus, all seeing… and so on.

Be aware of how you feel.

Ask “what” question and trust you will receive the answer.

Relax, don’t get frustrated or angry otherwise you will miss the messages.

You will get to know your intutition.

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