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Balancing the Masculine and Feminine in us

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Mars, known as the ‘Warrior’ planet, is now in retrograde in Aries, until the 13th November. For those unfamiliar with the term retrograde, Mars will appear to be going backwards in the sky.

As the ruling planet of Aries, the sign of the Ram, Aries are go-getters they have ambition, determination and drive to get where they need to go and fast.

Consider what that means for us at the present time, especially as we have five other planets, including Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun, Venus, and Neptune all playing their part in bringing about change, from the patriarchal energy of aggression, control and the shadow side of life, to the open, loving, and nurturing divine feminine. The energy of Mars also helps construct new ways after the removing of the old.

Also known as the ‘Red Planet’ Mars it is causing our world to change, no longer can it continue as it has been. Mother Earth is purging, just as we are being encouraged to do.

To dive deep within us to discover our true selves, long hidden away because we have been toeing the line and following the old controlling attitudes and rules.

You only have to look at what has been happening since the beginning of 2020.

Things have truly kicked off with Black Live Matters, the lock down, and the impact it has had on the whole world, along with the fires in Australia and America. We have seen a vast increase in working from home, job losses, and businesses going online to survive, along with the way we shop and interact.

But that is why the fiery energy of Mars is here, to show you the shadow side of the masculine energy of the 1900s. It is causing everything to become visible, creating space for the divine feminine energy to come in. Rather than being linear time, we are entering a period of spiralling time, which is to bring balance into our world. In numerology 4 is the energy of balance just like mother earth with her four seasons, the four elements, of earth, water, fire, and wind, the four walls of your home.

While we continue to go through turbulent times, it is crucial for you to be aware as the divine feminine energy becomes more powerful, you as a woman will want and need to step into your power. While as a man, you will start to align with your feminine energy, creating a balance of the masculine and feminine.

There is nothing to fear, but don’t resist the changes which are occurring. The changes are going to happen it’s the nature of Mars, as the action planet, to purge the old, which is terrific news, as it will bring to the fore, the negative energy of the past.

More women will appreciate how much power they give away to meet the expectations of others. In doing so, they will become conscious of their desires.

In accepting the changes, you will become aligned to a balanced life, where you and mother earth are respected and loved no longer, rejected, abused or ignored.

But as a close to this be aware mother earth has to purge herself to balance, if we do not respect her, she can survive without us, but we cannot survive without her.

#DivineFeminine #Mars #selflove #Spiritual

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