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Create Miracles… with the Power of Intention!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The UK saw the heaviest snow fall in years, and it felt as if everything ground to a standstill!

The trains were cancelled or delayed, schools closed, and everyone spent time complaining how the gritting vehicles hadn’t been seen gritting the roads. For many it was a disaster!  But life still goes on.

In my case I had an appointment to see a property on the south coast on Wednesday, one that I intended keeping so I started stating my intention on Saturday, to get to view the property despite the forecast of snow.

I kept stating my intention to have a clear corridor down to my meeting.  My whole focus was on being able to drive to my meeting without any delays.  I must admit it did cross my mind to go by train, but it was obvious it wouldn’t be a wise decision as there were likely to be numerous delays and cancellations.  Consequently going to bed on Tuesday, I had clearly set my intention I was driving with ease and flow.

However, I was greeted with a fresh layer of snow on Wednesday!

I knew I was going regardless.  I trust the universe and when I get a ‘feeling’ I go with it, in this case not even snow was going to stop me.  I kept reiterating my intention of “I have a safe and easy drive down to the south coast arriving on time, my journey to and from the coast are easy and flow.”

Before I set off on my round trip of 140 miles I asked for the angels to put a protective bubble around my car and others on the road which was just as well.  Less than 5 minutes after leaving home I stopped at traffic lights and watched a car slide down a snowy drive way towards my car!

The poor woman driver looked horrified as her car slide ever closer to mine.

She was so shocked when it stopped less than an inch away from mine. I thanked the universe and angels for their protection.

The only other challenge I had during the whole journey was the water for my windscreen wipers being frozen. so I had to stop to pour water over the screen to be able to see where I was going.

I am pleased to say I made my meeting in ample time in beautiful sunshine, and got back home before the snow started again.  I expressed gratitude the whole journey, knowing it was happening because I had to view the property, I even chose the only day of the week when the roads were clear.  The universe was working with me on this one that’s for sure!

Remember miracles do happen but you have to let the universe know what you want, so…

  1. Set your intention

  2. Be crystal clear on what you want

  3. As for protection from the angels if you are travelling

  4. Don’t waver, keep going forward

  5. Acknowledge how grateful you are of the progress you are making

  6. Thank the universe for helping you succeed with your intention

  7. Enjoy life whilst working on the outcome.

Start playing with this and see what you achieve.  The more you practice the better you become.  Oh, and by the way, don’t forget divine timing will always win out!

#Miracles #PowerofIntention

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