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Domestic abuse during Covid

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Covid has highlighted the problems around domestic abuse of adults but also of children.  While it would appear to be more prevalent, it has always been present but rarely mentioned.  The world is fully waking up to Black Lives Matter. We still need to be aware of domestic abuse we can’t keep ignoring it, pretending it isn’t happening.

I am frequently surprised in a tarot card reading, how when the person is ready to let go of the emotions created by abuse. The cards indicate their negative beliefs and stuck emotions, which prevent good health, wealth, happiness, even success in relationships and life in general.

Part of my purpose is to educate how much abuse impacts a person, in doing so, I hope to bring about change. With awareness, you can choose to take action, either for your own well being or for the well being of those around you.

My experience indicates just how much we retain the energy of the past. But with love and care, it is possible to bring about massive and positive change. When you rapidly release the stuck emotions from the mind, body and soul, you allow for the free flow of love to be felt and experienced. Bringing you peace of mind, confidence and the freedom to be you, not the abused person you were.

I mention the above because, with the lockdown, many more will have suffered at the hands of an abuser. Although not always physical abuse, but emotional or mental abuse as well as neglect.  The abuse lingers in the mind and body long after the ending of the situation.

Because the emotional pain remains, you are likely to find you repeat the same kind of relationship again, and again as without dealing with the pain, it comes through unconsciously into every relationship you have. You also pass the energy on to your children, not only because of what they hear and see but because they are likely to experience abuse themselves.

The lockdown will have dragged up emotions and behaviours, which were part of the old abusive relationship(s). When seeking to be free of the past, it is crucial to take the time to reflect on your repeating patterns. In doing so, you are ready to go deep and work on being the creator of your new life.

As I mentioned, education is essential, which is why I will be sharing, the story behind abuse and the abuser in the coming weeks.  As the saying goes hurt, people hurt people, not that I am condoning any form of abuse, far from it.

If reading any of this post resonates with you please get in touch.

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