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Don’t Resist Divine Timing

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

How often have you persisted in trying to get something you wanted to happen?

Have you noticed, no matter how hard you try, it never goes right for you, there always seems to be more problems than there needs to be, or things just don’t fall into place. It seems to take a lot longer in fact than you were hoping for.

Quite often I am asked during a Tarot reading when is… going to happen?  Whilst I appreciate the need to know, or rather the desire to know, it is often better not to, because than you are waiting and planning towards that time. Whereas if you accept it is going to happen, and let go of the outcome, everything that needs to take place, can do so at the right time, it is important to remember that the actions of others can and do have an impact on the timing.

Don’t push

I decided in late 2017 I was going to move.  As I am going to a new area I will be rent simply to make sure it is the right location for me. I viewed several properties, but was very disappointed in them.  However there was one place I was particularly interested in every time I did an internet search it kept coming up.

Over time I have learned when something is for me, generally I will keep seeing a sign.  The fact I kept seeing it on the internet was to me confirmation.  As I have a cat I spoke with the agents to confirm that was okay, yes, the answer came back!  So off I toddled.  It was even better than I expected.  I would need to make a couple of compromises, but they were acceptable.  However it was overpriced so I put an offer in.

Somewhat disappointed but not surprised my offer was refused.  I upped the amount I was prepared to pay… No that was also refused.

Nothing was going to secure the place due to the landlady refusing to have my cat.  It transpires she was worried my adorable 14 year old cat would damage her wooden flooring with her claws. I couldn’t believe it.  I know I am biased, but I live in a house with wooden flooring, and it hadn’t been damaged.

I am telling you this because the universe knew it was not the right timing for me.  It had already decided that April is when I am to move.  Consequently things are now starting to fall in place and they are pushing me ever closer to moving… Firstly the cost of heating the property I am living in has gone up drastically, due to lack of installation. Then the landlord’s agent advised an increase in the rent, which I am finding unacceptable due to the work that needs doing on the property.

When the timing is right the universe will support you…

I know, as I am experiencing how effortless it is to clear stuff out!

It was obvious the timing was all wrong with hindsight.  I should have known better as I have a yearly tarot reading showing each month’s potential.  November/December was not the month to move.  I could have better spent my time on my business instead of chasing after what I thought was a dream property.  So the next time you start to push and things don’t go right, take heed, there is a reason for it.

I will let you know what happens going forward.

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