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Escaping abuse to manifest

Manifesting after an abusive relationship is neigh impossible.

Which is not surprising considering how much you have been through.

You have lost yourself amongst all the disappointment, fear and confusion.

It takes time to adjust to living life again, without fear raising its ugly head.

I know it took me many years after I had walked away from my abusive relationship to finally feel free of fear, only after considerable work on myself. It's not easy when you feel threatened by the words of your abuser, or they invade your personal space taking away your sense of safety. Even hearing someone shouting was a painful reminder, as being yelled at for something I haven't done or done wrong was a favourite pass time. I remember living on my own, feeling uncomfortable opening the front door as I would be concerned who standing on the other side?

I thought, like many, that once I was clear of the relationship, I could get on with my life. I didn't realise how much the trauma of the relationship had affected my ability to live my life.

How wrong could I have been. My conscious thoughts did not match my unconscious behaviour; they were in conflict. Deep in the recesses of my unconscious mind were programmed behaviours. Those behaviours stopped me from manifesting what I wanted. Consequently, my money, health, job and every relationship were tainted by my abusive relationship.

But what I have learned since then has been an eye-opener. The problem begins in childhood, not in the abusive relationship. I had experienced so much trauma during my younger years, I didn't believe in myself. Therefore how could I stand up and say no against my abuser?

If you are experiencing problems manifesting, look to your childhood, as it will have started then. But don't go blaming anyone as they are unlikely to be aware of their programmed behaviours.

Don't forget you deserve to be happy, not living in fear, or repeating the same behaviours as you have always done.

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