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Facing Your Fears

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I recently watched the Sacred Science documentary. It recorded the story of 8 people who were given the opportunity to travel into the Amazon Rainforest to be treated by Shaman. Shamans are healers who use plants and their connection with the spirit world to assist in helping the mind body and spirit heal.

The documentary showed the Shaman using plants to release the participants greatest fears created in the mind, some of those participants stated that they had been avoiding being themselves, instead they hid behind a mask pretending everything was fine, even though it wasn’t!   This resonated with me as I know and believe the body will become diseased if you continually punish yourself through comparing and judging yourself or feeling isolated from your ‘tribe’.

Who are you really?

You create a persona that says… everything is fine, I am okay. However over time the body kicks back creating disease as you are out of alignment with your soul.  The disease can be IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome), Cancer, Parkinson Disease, Diabetes in fact it could be anything… It is your body’s way of coping with the continual negative thoughts that you generate from your beliefs.

The results some of the participants experienced were fantastic, confirming the body can and does respond to natural remedies however it was also clear that dealing with the beliefs was just as important.  Please note I am not advocating refusing conventional treatment however, the participants had either been unable to find resolution using conventional medicine, or had made a conscious decision to try alternative therapies.

I mention the documentary because in working with the Shaman, it was clear without working on finding the hidden beliefs, and creating an environment, where it was possible to face them any other work they do would not be as effective.

Facing your fears

You don’t have to resort to working with shaman or going into the rain forest.  Nowadays it is possible for you to discover your fears and release them enabling you to experience life as it can be, not how it is.

Even acknowledging your fears… which come from how you experienced your birth together with what you heard, sensed and saw being with your parents and others, the words they used, and their feelings when they were speaking and dealing with everyday life were given meaning by you to become your programmed beliefs.

Bringing your fears into your consciousness will help you begin to learn more about yourself, and how you think and behave.  It is not necessary to review the whole of your life.  There will be significant events that occurred where you first created the beliefs you operate from.

What are your beliefs?

If you aren’t sure what your beliefs are look at your behaviours, do you avoid emotions, people, or do you try to feel good by giving of your time, money or helping others?  Is there a feeling of emptiness inside you?  Are you constantly seeking attention? Do you feel disconnected? Are you going through life, rather than enjoying life?

Finding help to face your fears

If you prefer to have someone support you face your fears, I suggest you seek help from those who offer coaching and mentoring.  Working with the Inner child I know it is possible to create a huge shift in the thinking patterns in one session, rather than spending lots of time talking and reviewing each event and how you gave it meaning.  When you change your patterns, it is possible to live life fully aligned in mind body and soul.

Karen helps change minds to change lives through working with the Inner Child and finding the hidden beliefs that everyone has, which cause self-sabotage in all areas of life!

If you would like to know if Karen can help you, book a FREE exploratory call click this link

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