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Feeling abandoned and Unloved?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Your inner child needs to feel safe and happy!

But the trauma you may have experienced as a child, and no, I don’t necessarily mean physical trauma may leave your inner child unhappy and insecure, unable to engage in a life of joy and happiness.

Why are you feeling unsafe?

As a child you will have used your imagination to create stories around events which occurred, such as being left to cry for a while, or not being picked up, when you did cry.

We expect our parents to love us unconditionally. Therefore imagine how as a baby you will have felt if you did cry and wasn’t picked up immediately. You were probably scared, confused, even feeling fearful and abandoned and whilst it doesn’t mean they didn’t love you. You will have chosen to give meaning to the experience which was then reinforced each time it happened.

Consequently you formed beliefs, like being unlovable, not enough or unworthy because you felt abandoned and unsafe, which in turn became the reference point going forward. Just like a computer programme, it remains in place until you change or delete the programme.

Whilst you have grown up, your unconscious mind still has those beliefs in place, so your thoughts are triggered by your belief, not matter how often you self talk, that you are safe and everything is okay.

The Law of Attraction and Vibrational Energy

Unfortunately the Law of Attraction, works on the basis of like attracts like, so if you don’t believe in you, and your abilities you will attract the same, as your energy is vibrating at a lower frequency than that of someone who loves themselves.

If you want a beautiful loving relationship, you need to have the belief you are lovable otherwise you will find a partner who doesn’t treat you with love and respect.  They are likely to be verbally or physically abusive, criticising and judging you, just as you judge and abuse yourself through self talk.

Although you want to stop the abuse, it is only when you decide enough is enough, and look at your life through the eyes of love, do you then start to make changes in your life. Often times the trigger is your inner child, finally getting your attention and letting you know she/he doesn’t want to continually feel scared and alone.

I believe that your inner child is your Soul, who knows you are capable of so much more.  But because of your beliefs, which are untrue, you have stopped yourself from being the amazing person you were born to be.

Is it time to connect to your inner child, and let him or her be heard, to be able to step beyond the past into a joyful and playful future?

If it is, then you will benefit from working to make your inner child feel safe and secure, not abandoned or unloved. Download the Inner Child meditation, which will allow you to be open to receiving the wonders of life that are yours to receive.

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