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Focus creates reality change your thoughts to change your reality

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Are your thoughts positive, such as… Wonderful I am helping them move forward.  Or do you think great, but what if…? I might not be able to help them change their behaviours or let go of their negative thoughts. What if they remain stuck?

Without realising it, you are allowing the negative thoughts that are held in your unconscious mind dictate how you feel and what results you achieve with the clients. But it goes beyond the success the clients have. It goes to the heart of the matter, what you believe about yourself.  What if… is a negative thought.  Therefore you are questioning if you know what you are doing and are good enough to bring about change for the clients.

I am sure you will have heard the expression on more than one occasion focus creates reality.

While you focus on questioning if you are good enough to support your clients going through change you are creating the reality for yourself of not being successful.  You are assuming unconsciously that you can expect problems, instead of ease and flow.

You may even unwittingly stop any potential clients from working with you as they will pick up your energy and without knowing why, say no to working with you.  This reinforces your not good enough belief causing you to fail to attract clients to you.  Take a moment to consider how many times you succeed in getting clients interested in your services, only to have them say, “no thank you” when you ask if they are ready to work with you.

If you want to ensure you attract clients to you who can’t wait to say yes to you, then change your focus.

Start listening to what you say to yourself.  You are your toughest critic.  It is your inner voice that puts the pressure on you to do better.  It is time to start accepting that you are unique and special, more than capable of bringing out your clients uniqueness.

Any belief can be changed, but it takes time and effort to make those changes. Becoming aware of what you are thinking and how you are behaving, will begin to create a shift in your programmed beliefs.

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