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How does thinking resolve problems?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As humans we spend too much time stuck inside our heads thinking, trying to find answers to problems.

Making a decision around a problem or dilemma you have such as “do I stay in this relationship, do I change jobs, and should I do this or that?” You expect to come up with the decision, by thinking it through.

When you think you are using your conscious mind, your ego to work it out.   However, all your ego wants to do is keep you safe, hence why you go round in circles trying to make your decision.

Consequently you suffer sleepless nights, irritability and general frustration as you try to resolve your dilemma, asking friends, families and work colleagues even going on the internet in the search of guidance to make your decision.

It is not in your ego’s interest to let you make the decision that will take you outside of what you know, your safety zone, which is why you have the dilemma in the first place. Your emotions obviously play a major part in your decisions.  And your heart will pull you in all directions if you are unsure of your true feelings when it comes to love relationships.

But putting that aside if you could take that leap of faith and know you are going to be okay, you would, it is that element of the unknown that keeps you going around in circles.

But what if there was a way to bypass your ego and make those decisions without the frustration, the sleepless nights, without the entire yes, I will, no I won’t scenario, which leads to even more doubt in your mind.

There is…  You already have access to it. It’s quite simple all you need to do is to start listening not thinking!

I’ll let you ponder what I mean until my next post.

If you have a problem/dilemma that you are unable to resolve then contact me to book a coaching session to gain clarity?

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