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How planetary retrogrades affect your life

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Image, I used to think Mercury in retrograde was going backwards!

Yes, really however, as my interest has grown in the affects the planets have on our lives, it is obvious they don’t go backwards! Instead they slow down and that is when the fun begins.  At the moment there are 4 planets in retrograde this month, and you can bet they will create mayhem!

What are you supposed to know and do during retrogrades?

Jupiter went retrograde on February 9, followed by Saturn.  Venus will have turned direct on April 15 but its influence will still be felt until April 21 Mercury is going to be playing havoc with your communications and electronic equipment as well as travel arrangements. Pluto joins the rest of the planets on April 19.  It is practically guaranteed you will feel the effects all the movements.

Retrograde is the universe reminding us to take time to…

  1. reflect

  2. review

  3. reject

  4. re-connect

It is important to acknowledge what isn’t serving you and choose to accept or reject what is being high-lighted, ignoring it can cause the problem to remain, even get worse, making life harder than it needs to be.

Jupiter retrograde

Jupiter has been asking you since February 9 to be philosophical and analytical about your own core beliefs, together with your integrity and your personal values. You need to check in with your inner child, and listen more to your own innate wisdom, to be guided by your intuition.

Jupiter is about karma and luck… when you listen to your intuition and begin to be truthful with yourself concerning aspect of work, or personal relationships, unexpected luck will come your way. Jupiter is being generous and giving you until June 9 to reflect and review, before it goes direct.  Where are you out of balance in your beliefs, values and integrity?  Deal with the lack of balance, otherwise you could find you are challenged by others views and opinions.

Saturn retrograde

Saturn is about teaching us lessons. It is about getting things done properly as the spiritual authority figure will be awoken.  If you are a person who hurries things and find you don’t do things in the way they should be, then your inner enforcer will show how it is done, in all areas in your life.

Saturn is directly connected to your karma, take responsibility of your actions and complete tasks effectively as you can add to your karmic bank.   Saturn will remain in retrograde until August 24 2017, so you have plenty of time to make any changes you need to.

Venus retrograde

Venus turned direct on April 15 so hopefully things can start to settle down after going through interesting time in your relationships as Venus will have let you know what was wrong in your relationships.  Venus is about unconditional love so forgiveness of yourself and others could have been high on the agenda whilst it was in retrograde.

Mercury retrograde

Watch out with mercury in retrograde communications, electronic equipment and travel arrangements can go haywire.  Living in the digital age, Mercury challenges our lives in so many ways you need to check and double check arrangements you have made, things can go awry.

Just to top it off mishaps can happen, when you least expect it.  Consider delaying anything major if it involves starting a business, dealing with legal matters, even stating a new relationship.  Be patience Mercury will turn direct again on the May 3.

As Mercury is my ruling planet, I can confirm that it is frustrating and painful at times.  I often find I have more accidents, and make silly mistakes with arrangements. It is imperative to sit and wait out the retrograde as it feels like walking through treacle, if you push ahead.

Pluto retrograde

Finally we have Pluto which goes into retrograde on April 19 and is about endings and internal transformation.  Brilliant, reflecting, and reviewing with Pluto means that if it is not working it is going to be gone for good, there is no mucking around with Pluto!

Ensure you tap into your powerful inner truth don’t try to manipulate or control now as is not a good idea, you won’t gain your power if you do.  Pluto is the planet of death and transformation so remove what is not serving you.

Embrace the retrogrades

This is a fantastic time to review and reflect to seek out what is not serving you and let it go. Remember to step into your power and use your intuition. Don’t waste the cleansing energies of the planets to make changes in your life, to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Just be aware, of how you communications, electronics, and travel arrangements can be affected by Mercury.

Stay open to unconditional love.  Check in with yourself, and stop making the same mistakes embrace change.

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