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How self-love can empower you as a woman to be your authentic self!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

It is no longer acceptable to be lied to, fed misleading information or let others dictate how to live.

Have you noticed how things are beginning to change?  Women are standing up for themselves they are no longer prepared to be blamed, or judged for who they are.

Women are now starting to assert their power and stepping up to say NO to being second class citizens, underpaid and unappreciated.

You too can be party to the change taking place, by owning your own power, no longer letting fear control how you feel and behave.

Fear is a negative emotion

Fear has been the main driver for women, as we have been conditioned to behave in a certain way by our parents, peers, teachers, the media and even society in general.

Fear comes in many guises, and has become the normal due to the experiences we have had over the years, which have caused us to feel ashamed, guilty, hurt, envious, jealous, rage, self-pity even self-hate.

But when you acknowledge your fear, and start to review where that fear has come from you begin to realise it has all been imposed upon you by others, which has caused you to believe it to be true.

It’s not true… you are a unique and special person, capable of giving birth to the future generation.

You have a huge influence over them as you love and nurture them, but you don’t acknowledge you have… because you don’t believe in you.

Self–love has to start with you recognising you are in control of your thoughts and emotions.  Look back at the way you have been influenced and educated by your parents etc. and you will know where your thoughts have come from.

You no longer need to believe you are not good enough, that you will never amount to anything.  You deserve respect and have the right to stand up and say no!

How? You may be asking

If you are ready to start becoming your powerful authentic self to have more money, time and confidence start each day, by being grateful of all the good things in your life, and keep focusing on them.

Change your thoughts from being fearful to loving the good in your life, and no matter how bad life is, there is good, if necessary focus on what you can learn from each experience, empowering you to move forward.

  1. If you don’t have money, then change your wording to “money is coming to me!”

  2. If you feel abused in some way in a relationship whether by a partner, family member or work colleague. Send love to the situation and confirm that you are respected and honoured.

Better still move yourself out of the relationship, no-one has the right to abuse you in any shape or form, so start to stand up and be courageous, no matter how fearful you feel, take action, get help to do so.

  1. If you feel powerless over your current situation, start to assert your power over your thoughts, by choosing to be mindful of what you say to yourself. You are growing and expending daily, you are free to choose what you think about you, so let the negative thoughts come in, acknowledge them and let them go.  You don’t have to believe they are true.

Honour love and respect yourself from now on.  It will take time, but you can be your true authentic self, when you love you!

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