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How the tarot can teach you about you and life

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

For centuries the tarots have been used as a divination tool.  To provide guidance of what is happening in the life of the enquirer, as well as acting as a warning, if there are indications, that all is not as seen.

But the tarot can also give insights into a person’s psyche and their progression through life.

What the cards mean when used to explore someone’s psyche

The cards start with the Fool showing the start of the journey through life.  The fool can be erratic, rebellious, or naïve.  But as they move on in life, such as from childhood into adulthood, they could be unpredictable yet eager to get going although they are a novice. Whilst in later life, they are always ready to explore life, and trust that regardless, everything will work out fine.

The Hierophant however has been on a journey to gain knowledge and wisdom.  Often a professional person such as a teacher the Hierophant is willing to share their knowledge to help others to grow without an agenda.

Yet, the Hierophant also has a darker side, which causes them to become a leader who enjoys the power of being the centre of your universe, leading to you being dependent on them, instead of providing for you to grow naturally.

Whereas the Wheel of Fortune shows life has its ups and downs, as the wheel iindicates you go through cycles. You may have an abundance of success, and feel life is good, but as the wheel continues to turn you find, things start to change and you then have a series of problems with money, love, or career.

Indicating that you do not have a good relationship with success, as you are likely to find you begin to worry about being successful, which has the capability to provide you with a higher level of income than you unconsciously are able to accept, and therefore you fear being financially successful, which causes you to let go of your success.

Outcomes based on what you discover in a tarot reading

Let us now look at the tarot cards as an indicator of what is going on in your life using the same cards, the Fool the Hierophant and the Wheel of Fortune, for the reading you will learn how the cards can be used in different ways.

The Fool suggests that you taken a leap of faith and have allowed yourself to go where you need to go to gain the knowledge and wisdom you desire indicated by the Hierophant.  In the process of gaining the knowledge and wisdom, you have been financially challenged as the wheel, has to continue it’s movement down to go up, which means the wheel will bring you a change in your financial situation, enabling you to build your wealth.

Be mindful that this is a generic reading, as each card can have several different meanings and whilst the cards are read individually, they are also read collectively, providing the same outcome regardless of how many times you ask the question, or choose a different spread of cards.

The Tarot cards are a tool which provides insights into the psyche of a person or their current situation, in relation to their past, present and future.

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