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How these 4 easy steps unlock your Intuition

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As a spiritual being, you are here to grow and expand, unfortunately from the moment you are born you are bombarded with words, and actions from those around you, leading you to give meaning to the feelings you experience which cause you to create beliefs in your conscious and unconscious mind.

Those beliefs become the driving force of your life, not your own internal wisdom… your intuition.

Intuition I believe is an inner “knowing” of how to live life. You have an inner voice that guides you and helps you be at peace as you live in a world which is constantly in turmoil with fear being the predominate emotion.

Your intuition… your inner voice is speaking to you continually, but with so much noise around you in your daily life you often fail to hear what your intuition is saying to you.

Have you ever been in a situation where you were unsure what decision to make? But instead of listening to your gut feeling, your intuition, by asking it this right for me? You chose to go ahead, causing you to later regret your decision.

As spiritual being we are have a divine purpose to fulfil and our intuition knows the divine path we are to follow, yet we fall into patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours resulting in life being at times painful and hard instead of easy and in flow.

Follow these 4 steps to unlock your intuition.


Journal daily, it is a great way to un-clutter your mind of all your thoughts, which then frees you to hear your intuition more. You can write whatever you choose it is for your eyes only.


Give yourself time each day to just ‘be’ and ‘listen’.  This provides an opportunity to receive any words of wisdom or guidance… Have a pen and paper handy to write down anything that comes to mind during your quiet times.

Stop distractions

You don’t have to fill every second of every day being distracted by the daily events, or social media.  You need to move away from all the noise and open yourself to peace and quiet to help you relax and think clearer.  In relaxing you are renewing your energy.

Give time to you

You are continually drained by the noise of life and everything you have to do.  To recharge your spirit and help your inner being you need to look after you, shower love on you! Take a salt bath, or spend time with nature, both highly effective ways to relax but also to re-energise.

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