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How to let go of the past to be present!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Have you ever noticed how much time you spend in your head reviewing the past?  You go over what you think you could have done better, what might have worked out differently if only you had done this, instead of that!

Regretfully there isn’t a time machine which will allow you to go back in time.  The past has gone,it cannot be relived.

But you can decide instead of regretting the past to take the wisdom and love you can learn from each experience and bring it into the present.

How you can let go of the past

What is it that you can learn from your past that will help you now?

Think of the occasions that you would want to go back and relive…  Then start to mediate on them, whilst mediating you can ask “what would I want to change?”  Mediate on each individual event rather than all of them in one go, as it will only confuse you.

As you receive the insights you need for that event, notice how much better it is when you understand and shift the energy around the event.

Once you have your insights and the lessons you need to learn to help you now.  Ask yourself… what do I need to let go of…? Be open to hearing the answer, in words, images, or feelings in your body.

You may find you need to let go of anger, or judgement, or manage your finances better, maybe you need to learn to say no?

Don’t hurry this process as it will enable you to discover how you behave and react at times of stress, fear, anger, or powerlessness.

We have years of programming which needs to be undone, and in taking the time to review the occasions where there was judgement, blame, guilt or even shame you will gain different perspectives that you can now utilize in the way you live.

Once you have finished exploring what it is you need to accept, release, or be aware of, express thanks for the learning then move on from the past as stated previously you cannot undo the past but you can learn and grow from the experiences.

Life is about choosing what is best for you and going for it, not living in regret.

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