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How to move from lack to abundance with these 5 easy steps

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Have you noticed how when things are tough how you go into fear, worry and stress of what will happen if…?

Yet, even though you know your thoughts and feelings create your reality, you find it hard to change them, so you are sending out a low energetic vibration.  Not very helpful! When you want success and abundance in your life.

Changing your reality

You may be saying positive affirmations and trying to feel positive, but if you are still feeling the worry and fear, you are unlikely to change your reality, therefore follow these 5 steps to change your thoughts and feelings.


Express gratitude for what you have now, your home, your job, business, your family, friends, and your health. The money you have in your bank account.  When you acknowledge the good in your life, you raise your energetic vibration.

Why not express gratitude by feeling happy and joyful, when something good happens to you, then at the end of the day, or in the morning you can write it down as well, to let the universe know you want more of the good things.


Be aware of what you are thinking, as you will have negative patterns of thoughts running in your unconscious mind. With awareness you can choose to change your thoughts.  When thinking negatively such as, I can’t afford to have… reframe it to I am choosing how I spend my money or you might prefer to use Wayne Dyer’s affirmation from his book Living an Inspired life.

“What I desire is on its way.  It will arrive precisely on God’s timetable, not on mine.  Everything I am experiencing now is disguised as a problem, but I know that it’s a blessing.  What I desire is on its way, and it’s coming to me in greater amounts greater than I can imagine.

This is my vision, I’ll hold onto it in a state of gratitude, no matter what.”

As the universe doesn’t recognise time, it will provide for what you want when it sees fit.  Therefore whilst you are waiting for the funds or opportunity to arrive you can take further action.


Obviously you can ask for help from someone who has the knowledge and skills to help you, maybe a mentor if you are in business, or seek advice if you need help in other ways.

Sometimes when you ask for help you find, just speaking about it with someone enables you to come up with a solution.

You can also ask the angels to help however, as they are not allowed to interfere with our free will, you have to ask them first.

Be clear on what you are asking for, as they will go to work, finding a solution to your problem, but once you have asked make sure you pay attention to the signs and opportunities that come your way. Otherwise, you may miss what they are showing you which will resolve your problem.

Setting the intention

You go to bed at night, and generally sleep for at least 6 hours or more, did you know that your unconscious mind processes what has happened during the day.  So if you watch the news, or a violent film before going to bed, it will spend the night processing the negativity. It is highly unlikely you will attract anything positive into your life.

Instead as you go to bed, spend about 5 minutes, expressing gratitude, or imagining how your life would be if your desires became your reality.  You are co-creating with the universe therefore going to sleep expressing positive thoughts, will bring positivity into your life.


Meditation is an amazing tool to use. When you quieten your mind, you have the opportunity to connect to your higher self, which is part of the universal consciousness. Consequently you will be tapping into that consciousness to receive guidance no matter what your challenge is.

You don’t have to sit in a meditative state you can choose to do a walking meditation preferably in nature. Meditation allows you to let go of your everyday thoughts, by simply letting them pass through.  When you let your mind drift, you become open to receiving ideas from the collective consciousness.

It will take practice but preserve it as it will make a difference in your life.


Doing the 5 steps, helps you change your thinking, to bring happiness into your life instead of worry and stress.

If however, you want some help transforming your mind to change your life, book your complimentary exploratory call today.

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