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How to stop words hurting you

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

As a spiritual being, we are here to learn and grow, unfortunately, your growth can become affected by the words expressed by others.

I did something last week which I believe I had permission to do.  However it transpired I didn’t,  consequently, I caused extra work both for myself and someone else.  It also triggered an angry reaction, which lead me to being told off and accused of being irresponsible. I must admit I felt that I was back at school!

Why am I sharing this…? Well I gained several valuable lessons during the experience which will help you

  1. Don’t try to justify your decisions when someone is angry… it doesn’t work, it just makes them angrier!

Instead listen and let them have their say, before responding, with an explanation of your reasons, clearly stated and without becoming emotional.  It will help keep you in control of the conversation.

  1. Be conscious of why they are reacting in the way they way they are. Often they will give an explanation which provides clarity for you.

In my case, the person was already angry when he returned by call, due to something that was apparently similar to what I had done. In learning what had happened, it gave me an opportunity to reflect upon why I had decided I had permission…. Obviously the person wasn’t very clear in providing information, otherwise, he would not have had the situation he found himself in.  However, there was nothing I could do, as he chose to call me back, when he was angry and subsequently took his anger out on me.

  1. Be conscious of how you react and what it triggers in you.

As stated previously don’t react emotionally, remain calm but be conscious of how you are feeling.  The more you are aware of your own feelings and why he/she is reacting in the way they are, takes the sting out of the words. This gives you the opportunity to decide whether to respond to their words or let them go.

  1. Ego will automatically think you have to react, maybe by making a statement about something which upon reflection you wouldn’t say or do. Often you will also self talk saying things such as, well that’s it “I am not doing anymore…!”

What you are doing is giving your power away. You are allowing your own reaction to make choices that don’t serve you.

Take the time to sit and acknowledge how you feel, being aware that you maybe choosing to be hurt and angry yourself. it is better to serve yourself, by not reacting. You can be in the moment, accepting the situation frees you to get on with your life.

Remember anger harms the person with the anger, not the recipient, unless it is physical abuse, in which case you need to move away from the situation totally.

If you want to be the creative force in your life, to have great relationships, better health, more wealth, and happiness to do what you love, when you want to, you need to transform your patterned thoughts which come from your programmed beliefs and let go of the fear that holds you back from being the powerful spiritual being you were born to be.

If you want to explore how you can transform your thinking to change your life, book your free exploratory call to speak with me, to discuss where you are now, where you want to be, and what is holding you back.  We can then decide if we are a good fit, and whether you want to work with me to release you from the past to begin manifesting in a powerful and effective way the life you love.

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