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How Words Become Judgements

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

I have come to realise that I have spent a considerable amount of my life judging myself without even being aware that I was. My judgements were based upon my experience of being told by an infant school teacher “Don’t be stupid, you can’t see ghosts.”

Now I appreciate for some that may seem a bit strange but I played with my ghost friends every day, so as you can imagine as a 5 year old, it was a shock to be told, I couldn’t see them yet I was seeing them!

The thing is that one statement created a belief in me, in fact a mantra that I used for a considerable number of years of “I am not good enough.”

That mantra resulted in me dealing with many challenges in my life, including a divorce, serious illnesses, financial loss and much more. All because I didn’t know at the time, I had given a powerful meaning to the words “don’t be stupid you can’t see ghosts.”

What do you believe?

You may have heard spoken to you, or experienced something that will have caused you to decide you are not enough. Sadly you are your harshest critic when it comes to judging you. Even if it’s not spoken out loud, but internally you will be continually putting yourself down. By repeating your negative beliefs such as, you are useless at managing money. Why would anyone buy from you? You don’t know what you are doing!

Therefore if you are going through life, questioning why things aren’t as you want them to be. Start to listen to what you say to yourself, about you.

You can release your judgements

We need to have a community around us, our tribe who supports and encourages us, unfortunately it can be hard to form relationships, let alone ones that last both in business and personally as you have a fear of being rejected which is reinforced by your fear of being judged.

Therefore to live the life you love, it is imperative you release the attachment you have to your beliefs and those who gave you cause to unwittingly create your judgements. As I know and many of my clients know, they are there, until released by forgiving and letting go of the events and people who contributed to your story of your not good enough.

As my client, Miranda kindly shared “It was a great relief to be freed of my difficult and toxic past relationships.” It is all too easy to stay in a pattern of behaviour simply because you don’t realise how deep your attachments are to your past.

To start be conscious of how others communicate with you. Are they being negative, do they put you down, do they complain all the time about you and what you do. In being aware of how others communicate with you, you can than start to acknowledge that your judgements are not true, as they have been formed by how others judge you.

I am Karen Bashford, and I am known as the Manifesting Lady, I bring 10 years of experience to my work as a Psychic Tarot Reader, transformational Money Mind-Set Coach and Abundance Mentor.

If you would like to explore how you can change your relationship rapidly with yourself and money, then book your Free exploratory call with me.

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