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Is it your money mindset or self-worth that holds you back from financial success?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Is it about the money or self-worth?

There are two differing views about your money mindset.

The first is that it is not about the money.  The second is that it is very much about the money.

Which one do you buy into?

Whilst you have a money personality and money scripts such as ‘Money is the root of all evil,’ ‘There isn’t enough money for everyone’ or ‘Rich people are greedy,’ it doesn’t mean that they are your predominant thoughts.

Regardless of what you feel and believe about money your self-worth holds you back, from living life to the full.

I am sure when it comes to money you find it hard to speak about it, especially asking for your fees, or a pay rise.

This is because you don’t consider yourself worthy of being wealthy or successful.

What is Self-worth?

Self-worth is your perceived worth as a person. If you have been fortunate enough to have experienced lots of love and encouragement growing up your self-worth is going to be high.

However if you experienced criticism from parents and siblings or grew up in an environment where bullying was a common occurrence your self-worth will be exceedingly low.

4 Tips to increase your self-worth.

Tip #1 Work with a coach or mentor who will guide and support you to recognise your valuable contribution to your family and society.

Everything you do has a value to someone else, and when you begin to acknowledge how much others value what you do for them you will begin to appreciate yourself more, increasing your self-worth.

Tip #2 Start or end the day by being grateful for the successes you have in your life, no matter how small.  Whether it is business orientated such as going networking and speaking about your business.

Or a personal level, when you say no, rather than yes to something you don’t enjoy or don’t have the time for.

By being grateful and acknowledging your successes, you are telling yourself you are worthy.

Tip #3 Affirmations.  Affirmations can be simple but must resonate with you such as:

  1. I am worthy of success

  2. I am amazing

  3. I am being the best I can be

  4. I love being me

  5. Every day I am growing and expanding

When you say your affirmations daily, you are encouraging your mind to accept you are worthy.

Tip #4 Stop your negative self-talk, when you complain, criticise and moan about you, you are putting yourself down.  Surprise yourself by accepting you can be positive about you, and the attributes you have.

Do you find fault in everything you do?  Then it is time to start listening to your self talk.

When you hear the negative self talk, say ‘thank you, I hear you but I am better than that,’ and let it go.  Over time you find you are able to stop judging and blaming you and instead say kind words and accept who you are, warts and all! It will feel strange at first but as you practice, it become automatic reducing the negative self to to practically nothing.


As you begin to believe in you, you will be able to manifest clients, increased income, opportunities, as well as love, better relationships and so much more.

Even when you have bad days, don’t stop believing in you, keep going, every action you take to reduce your self talk and increase your self-worth will build on the last.

You an amazing worthy human being and whilst others recognise that, you still need to learn you are!

Karen Bashford is a Money Mindset and Abundance Mentor and Coach, Inner Child Connector and Financial Educator on a mission to empower 5 million women to become financially secure, by uncluttering their minds, of the limiting beliefs, fears and phobias they have around money, success and wealth.  

Karen has years of experience within the world of banking and finance, but after being made redundant and divorcing Karen set up her own VA business. Closing the business when she realised she wanted to work with people not computers. 

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