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Is Your Unconscious Mantra: I Am My Past?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

How to change your thinking using these 7 tips to create your present!

As a woman you are likely to find your beliefs hold you back from a great life. You don’t believe you can be successful or that you are good enough to have a great life.

It doesn’t matter why you don’t believe you can be successful. For whatever reason, you have come up with stories that are constantly reinforced by what has and is happening in your life.

I am assuming you are open and willing to acknowledge that life isn’t as good as you had hoped, in fact at times it sucks!

If that is the case brilliant! You are ready to shift from feeling frustrated, lonely, or upset to leading a life full of joy and pleasure.

Let’s begin your journey by raising your energetic vibration with the 7 tips to refocus your energy.

Tip #1 Judgement

Stop judging yourself. Fully accept and love yourself as you are – it doesn’t matter if you have imperfections.

You can only be the best you can be now, stop striving to be perfect. While you strive to be perfect you remain stuck in the old ways.

Tip #2 Unique

Others have their own ideas and opinions; they don’t have to be yours, so acknowledge you are unique. No one is the same as you. Give yourself permission to be you, and start being uniquely you.

Tip #3 Mindful

Be mindful of what you say about yourself. Be kind and gentle, imagine how your inner child must feel when she has been judged, blamed or criticised all her life. It is time for you both to be treated with kindness, to be encouraged and supported?

Tip #4 Expectations

Change your expectations. Stop expecting to be blamed, judged or criticised, start to expect to be acknowledged, encouraged, and complimented…

Don’t push praise or compliments away, accept them as they are given, thank the person for their words and smile, you don’t need to respond in kind.

Tip #5 Gratitude

Start to express gratitude for everything in your life. Treat yourself to a lovely notebook, and every day, write in the book, it can be as a journal recording all the good things that happened during the day.

Or you can write a gratitude statement such as I am grateful for the help I received from my friend….

You can be grateful for small things like hearing a child laugh or getting the train when you expected to miss it.

Your energy shifts focus from the negative when you express gratitude and you are also asking the universe to bring you more of the good things.

Tip #6 You time

Plan to do one thing a day which will bring you pleasure perhaps read a chapter of a book you want to read, or go for a walk, whatever you do is to be for you, not anyone else as you are likely to already be serving others in various ways.

Give yourself permission to do what you would love at least once a day, it will help to raise your vibration. Each and every aspect of the world energetically vibrates and as your vibration rises you will naturally bring yourself more positive results.

Tip #7 Forgive

Forgive those that have caused you hurt and pain.

Offering forgiveness is hard but when you let go of all the anger, hurt and pain caused by others it is liberating for you. It doesn’t mean you have to like them. It is about releasing all the stored negativity in your body, to open yourself up to new opportunities which have been locked in the past.

Forgiveness benefits you not anyone else.

Follow the 7 tips and you will begin to shift your focus from the past to the present.

It is not possible to change the past, but you can let it go, so you welcome in your present and future with open arms.

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