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‘Knowing’ you are being guided

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Inner child

When you align with your inner child, your intuition, and become proficient at connecting and listening to her you instinctively ‘know’  you are being guided by your intuition.

As I mentioned in my last two posts thinking hinders you from making decisions and how connecting to your inner child, your intuition you are able to make decisions, easier and faster and that resonate with you.

Your life begins to expand as you align with who you are, instead of wasting time, thinking what you should be doing, saying, and being, you feel or sense when something is right or wrong for you. You don’t question what you ‘know’ you accept it and go with the flow.

Why go with your intuition? 

Relying on your intuition enables you to have better health, better relationships, clearer direction, more flow, less worry and stress, more energy and more abundance… everything seems to naturally fall into place.

Energetically energy radiates from your heart and when you are connected to your intuition your energy shifts to a higher vibrational level.

When your energy vibrates at a higher level you are able to attract more abundance to you.  While other people sense your vibrational energy and respond to you according. Relationships change from being a problem to in a more relaxed state or you unconsciously begin to let go of that person, to have less to do with them, until finally they are no longer part of your life.

Work becomes easier, you are able to accept the way it is and no longer fight it.  Leading to healthier work relationships with your boss and colleagues, it may even result in a pay rise or promotion. Or your business begins to flourish achieving the success you have always wanted but have been unable to ascertain.

Your whole life is different, you feel great, health issues and long standing problems become manageable and may even dissolve.  As if by a miracle, life is no longer hard or disappointing.

If you want the life you love, keep listening to your inner child, your intuition and stay aligned with who you really are.

If you would like to know how you can become aligned to your inner child connect with me.

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