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Resistance is futile when you are being guided

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The title of this blog was a FaceBook live I gave as I finally gave in and accepted the metaphorical kick up the backside I had received from the universe. It didn’t matter how much I resisted the universe, my guides and angels were nonetheless determined to have me take action.

Fear can be exceedingly powerful and will stop you in your tracks, in my case sharing on a FaceBook live without hiding behind my prop… my Tarot cards.

I have no problem doing weekly FaceBook live tarot readings, or weekly  1 card readings, but then tarot cards are tangible, and can be seen so unless I screw up in the reading, there are not many who are going to criticize or judge me openly.

However being vulnerable and sharing my story, had my ego coming up with loads of negative scenarios where everything that could go wrong would go wrong.

Yet the reality is when you are open and vulnerable, you are supported by such lovely people and the universe.  Yes, there is a chance someone could criticize, but they will be outweighed by the positive feedback you get.

What you have to remember is you are here to grow and expand as a spiritual being.  You can’t if you are not prepared to acknowledge your fears and step out of your comfort zone.

We both know that until you face your fear… and realistically you are unlikely to die if you do… you aren’t going to go anywhere fast.  So instead of letting your fear stop you, especially if you are getting your kick up the backside, start taking action.

I suggest you follow these 3 steps…

Acknowledge your fear, but in a way that makes fun of it, as fear and laughter are at different ends of the energy scale.  So you could say, “I am great at doing fear, nobody does it like I can.  My fear is off the scale.”  Keep repeating it, each time you have fear come up.  You will eventually be laughing at your fear.

Ask your guides and angels for help.  Pass your fear to them and ask them to transmute the fear into the end result of what you would love.  Miracles happen, you just have to be willing and open to receiving them.

Keep visualising you doing what you want.  Now I struggle to ‘visualise’ in my mind’s eye, I do however get results when I talk myself through the scenario and feel it in my body. Create the end result in whatever way best suits you, there is no right or wrong way.  Don’t get hung up on the process, just do it.

In taking action you will realise it wasn’t as bad as you imagined it would be.  But just to ensure you continue to take action celebrate, feel the sense of achievement in your body, by doing so you are moving your comfort zone that much further away then where it was, so it becomes easier each time.

Whatever you do play, have fun, and trust your guides, angels and the universe to help and support you each stage of your journey they won’t let you down.

#Fear #higherself #Spiritual

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