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Slow and steady, but all fired up and ready to go

I recently heard the words slow and steady to describe a work situation that will take six months to complete.

Which got me thinking of Barack Obama on his campaign trail, where he arrived in Des Moines, Iowa, to discover there were only a few supporters.

A bit disheartening, but he went to say hello.

However, a grandmother decided to liven things up by chanting, "Are you Fired Up and Ready to Go?"

It worked. It certainly encouraged Obama and his team. To the point where he used it to rally his supporters at future events.

Are you fired up and ready to go?

As 2022 is a universal year of 6. 2+2+2=6 and means the embodiment of the heart. Representing unconditional love and the ability to support, nurture, and heal. It is a powerful force of compassion and empathy, and its warm light is a beacon of hope.

You may well want to create change, especially as we have powerful planetary energies influencing how we show up.

This year is the time to love, nurture and heal yourself. To be courageous and open to receiving love instead of living in fear or tolerating situations that don't serve.

Are you fired up and ready to go? What are your intentions, what do you want to achieve for yourself, your family, your business?

Don't forget that the universe always wants to give you what you want, so slow and steady is the way to go. You may face situations that will strengthen your resolve and teach you to love, not judge, blame or shame.

If you want to listen to the Obama story and even use it to motivate you. Here's the link. The Story of "Fired up! Ready to go!" - Obama for America 2012 - YouTube

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