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Slow down and smell the roses

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Since my move to the south coast, life has become less frantic and far more being in the moment, allowing myself to appreciate all the wonderful sights and sounds around me.

I have also given permission to have more time for me including, relaxing, meditating and enjoying the company of friends without beating myself up because I should have done…!

I have had to learn to trust the universe, that it will support me when I slow down.

If you consider, we are told and taught that to get on in life, you have to work hard to earn your money, yet working hard leads to burnout, especially for Sensitive’s… those who feel energy and are inclined to give away of lot of their energy, by working with others to help them bring their energy back into alignment with who they are.

I am sure you can remember a time when you were told what you had to do, or knew the expectations there were for you to succeed, such as if you didn’t study hard, or do things in certain ways, you were wrong, made to feel guilty, ungrateful or you might even have been punished in some way.

Yet, if you slow down you get a chance to be still, to be quiet and listen to your higher self through meditation or being with nature, even walking, swimming, or cycling, not in a competitive way, but being conscious of what is happening around you.

I am at the moment sitting typing this to the sounds of some seagulls screeching at each other as they check on their chicks that are living on my roof, and have been since the beginning of June.  I am also conscious of the breeze that is flowing through my open windows, for which I am exceedingly grateful as it could be rather hot and sticky otherwise.

This is what I mean by slowing down and smelling the roses.  How can you possibly have time to enjoy an experience if you are too busy to notice things because you are always focusing on what you still have to do, or think you need to do?

In slowing down and letting go, my life has become easier and less stressful as well as more abundant.

It may appear counter intuitive to step back, yet, in doing so, you enable yourself to be open to hearing the words of your higher self, and guiding you to create the results you want with ease and flow.

Why not spend 10 minutes a day meditating, or going for a walk without having an agenda, and allow yourself the freedom to let go of thinking, instead just being with nature.  Notice any sounds, and the feelings you experience.

But most of all be aware how when you are in nature, you relax and allow your thoughts to drift, you find you can come up with solutions to the problems you are experiencing.

Next time you are overwhelmed or stressed out, take a break and let go of trying and quieten your mind, you will be surprised how much you are able to do after obtaining a state of peacefulness in your mind, body and soul.

#Divine #Present #selflove #trust

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