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The past needs to be the past

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The past needs to be the past!

How often have you allowed your past get the better of you and stop you from going towards your goals.

I am sure you can think of many occasions when you hesitated and realised in hesitating you missed opportunities to improve your life. What if you were able to see anything you want to achieve as possible not impossible.  What would your world look like?

What difference could it make to your life it you knew you don’t have to work hard, instead letting life be in flow, following your heart. Imagine a world where you can build your dreams. What difference would that make in your life?

What stops you from building your dreams? Is it something deep inside you, maybe your past is stopping you?

You are born with the knowledge of previous generations thoughts and behaviours, but rather than using it as a starting point, you re-enact their thinking which impacts your ability to live life on your terms.

Which is why when you listen to the stories of those living now, the same stories are repeated over and over again, such as feeling unloved and challenged by life, unable to find an acceptable place in society.   What has happened in the past is passed down through the generations until it reaches your parents, who in turn reinforce your existing knowledge by adding their beliefs and ideas to the mix.

No more, it is time to stop the cycle. Step up to being the powerful unique you.

Let go of the past, acknowledge and thank those who have gone before you.  Gain from their knowledge, but choose to create your own reality, where you expand and grow into your own unique self.  Don’t wait any longer.  Break your fear, your procrastination, and your history begin to live your life on your terms now!

You can do it, you are capable.  Redefine your past don’t keep on carrying your past with you.

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