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The Power Lies Within

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

The Power Lies Within When did we, as women, decide to let others tell us how to live? The day we forgot our power lies within. We are born knowing our true essence. Yet, time and time again, we ignore our inner wisdom.

Admittedly there is nothing to be done as a babe in arms or as a toddler. And by the time you are a teenager, you are challenging your parents in an attempt to define who you are, but you have lost the connection to your true essence.

The change began when we relied upon the King, Lords and Priests to dictate how to live, abiding by the rules of the land and religion. So it continued, down generations, leading to an imbalance between men and women where women are less than men.

The pandemic has highlighted this more than ever, with no escape for women and children forced to remain at home with a violent or abusive partner or parent. The pandemic has also shown women are the driving force in the home as they juggled to maintain jobs, home, family, and nurse those who were frail, ill or dying.

As women, we are challenging the imbalance, seeking to find ways to step back into our power. Our inner wisdom calls upon us to stop being dictated to and controlled by forces outside of ourselves.

It is time to stop the past defining who you are in the present. Once again, step fully into your power, become the leader of your life, teach your children and others women are equal and deserve to be loved and respected, not abused or ignored.

In doing so, you change how people behave towards you and other women as you stand in your power, your true essence. But more than that, you stand tall and strong within a community of women.

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