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The Power of your Intuition

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Listen to your Inner Child

How does thinking resolve problems?  It’s doesn’t, it simply causes you to swing between yes I do or no I don’t numerous times.

However, there is a way of bypassing ‘thinking’ and that is through listening to your higher self, your intuition, allowing you to make the decision without all the frustration and sleepless nights.

When you listen you receive instinctively images, words and feelings, from your intuition which by passes your conscious thinking.

You are born with the ability to ‘listen’ unfortunately society dictates that you think and gradually you stop listening to your intuition.

Intuition is when you have the hunch that turns out to be right – knowing who is on the end of the phone before you pick it up.  Or that feeling that you should or shouldn’t do something which turned out to be right.

Inner child

At first it might seem strange to listen to what is essentially an intangible, so until you get used to communicating with your intuition imagine you have an inner child…

One that resides in your heart and is with you and remains with you throughout your life experiencing all you do. Therefore she/he is able to give you love and guidance to take that leap of faith of knowing what is right or wrong for you without the need to spend hours and days trying to think the answer.

It is liberating when you listen to your inner child.

You can begin by asking a question around your dilemma “What do I need to know or do about….?” Asking ‘what’ stops your conscious mind from trying to answer the question.

Try asking the question just before you go sleep, however, it is essential you let it go, don’t attempt to answer it. Trust that the answer will come.


You may find you have a dream (make sure you have a notepad and pen nearby so you can recall what you dream). You often receive what is described as a ‘light bulb’ moment in the shower or doing something which has relaxed your mind. Causing you to say “why didn’t I see or think of that?” The answer you receive will resonate with you, it will feel right.

Be patience and don’t have expectations, trust that your intuition will not let you down, you just have to listen and feel.

Give it a go, what have you to lose other than sleepless nights and lots of mind chatter.

With practice you will begin to “know” when something is right or wrong and it comes naturally and is effortless.


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