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Trusting Your Higher Self How to Stop Living in the Fast Lane of Life

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Do you remember when you were younger you had time, time to do things you enjoyed? It wasn’t a constant struggle to cope with being busy every second of every day, you could relax without feeling guilty.

Living in the fast lane

Unfortunately, that has changed we are constantly living as if we are driving along the outside lane of the motorway. Going faster than perhaps we would like to because the person behind wants to go faster and there’s not a gap to pull into.

Every time you go on the motorway, you trust you will go from A to B safely.  Yet, you don’t trust your higher self to keep you safe and guide you on your life journey.  Instead you prefer to be in control, choosing to listen to your ego, taking actions which could damage your health, wealth and happiness.

It’s no wonder that you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, tired and tense, living in the fast lane of life with your higher self unable to communicate with you.  Working overtime your mind will be analysing, reviewing, and controlling all your thoughts and actions. Whilst your body is tense, overloaded with stress hormone your poor Soul cries out for you to slow down.

On top of all that you feel guilty for not achieving abundance and success.

Your life is out of control, no matter how hard you try you can’t keep up with everything. Especially as you struggle to refuel with quality food and sleep.

Moving from the fast lane to the slow lane requires you to make a conscious decision to check your surroundings and choose the right moment to move safely into the middle lane, then into the inside lane.

Trusting you

But when it comes to your life, you can put the brakes on now. Your higher self know what it needs to do to keep you safe and support you achieve abundance without speeding along waiting for it to be safe for you to change lanes.  Your soul will celebrate as you move from the outside lane to the inner lane, giving you the opportunity to achieve calm and balance in your life.

But now you have stopped, what do you do?

You ask your higher self for guidance, to help you move forward at a slower more relaxed pace.

Connecting to your higher self, involves asking you as you progress through your day, is this for my highest good?

You may experience a delay in receiving the answer if it’s been a while since you asked, but check for any gut reaction or a response in your heart.  Both can guide you to make the right choice.  You may also hear the answer coming to you from what appears to be nowhere in your mind.

Once you have your answer you then ask…

  1. What do I need to know?

  2. What do I need to do?

  3. What is the next step I can take to move me forward?

Waiting for the answer each time, although this time you will hear the response, or be shown something that ties in with the ‘is this for my highest good’ question. The answers will come from your higher self, opening you up to abundance, success and love.

Asking ‘what’ allows you to receive your answers from your higher self rather than your ego.

Living in the fast lane is detrimental to your health, wealth and happiness, you have to take time for you, listening to your higher self, ensures you love you, for who you are with your imperfections and flaws. You don’t have to compete and try to keep up with everyone.

YOU can be YOU!

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