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When can failure be a success?

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

How often do you review and reflect back over your life, but focus on the failures of your life, rather than your successes?

Many consider failure as something negative to be avoided but in fact failure is a positive experience because you learn, and expand personally and spiritually.

When you focus on failure, you complain that you don’t have… enough money, or your relationships don’t last, or you feel you haven’t succeeded at work, or in your business.

Yet, failure is part of success, therefore in finding the lessons you need to learn and utilizing them to spring board your life forward, you are changing it into a success.

Such an example would be a broken relationship which gives insights into your relationship with your parents and what you need to learn about how you interact with your own loved ones or those around you.

You take on aspects of your parents personality, therefore when a parent is distant, indifferent, over powering, domineering, or timid you are likely to behave in a similar way or do your utmost to avoid it, which often means you go to the opposite extreme of being either too soft, or too hard.

Now look at your relationships that have failed, are you the dominant one, or indifferent?  Once you can see how your behaviour reflects your parent’s behaviour, you can start to work on changing your own behaviour.  Remember you can only work on yourself, not someone else.

In working to change your behaviour and beliefs you will find you change how people relate with you in all areas of your life.

The same is true for lack of money. Look at what your parents have taught you about money.  For example, were you told you have to work hard for your money?  Yet working hard does not produce the money with ease, it is still lacking.

Your relationship with your parents, are indicators of where your challenges and issues come from as there are often hidden thought and behavioural patterns that become apparent once you start being aware of the connection.

If you want to be successful in all area of your life then you need to look at how you view life, and what you say and believe about you and your loved ones.

So instead of complaining when you review your life, change your thinking into what can I learn from my failures, you will be amazed at how much success you have when you stop looking at the negative and focus on the positive… the successes.

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