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You are a powerful being… But you stop yourself from being powerful!

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Life is for living, but all too often living comes with fear… fear of being judged, of not meeting others expectations, of being a failure.

But it doesn’t have to be like that at all.  You can slow down and step into the flow of life, letting go of judgement, blame, and guilt.

You are a spiritual being, living life as a human being, yet you have been caught in the trap of believing you aren’t good enough, or significant enough to be the creative force in your life.  Instead of being in flow, you make life hard work.

Your life

Take a moment to look at your life… What are you dissatisfied or unhappy with?

  1. Your relationships – do you feel disconnected, separate from those you love?

  2. Your financial situation – do you find you constantly worry about money, of not having enough, or fearful of losing what you have?

  3. Your health – are you feeling tired, irritable, have health issues, and are you below par?

  4. Your career – are you struck in a dead end job which you hate, and want to escape, or are you running your business which isn’t fulfilling you?

Did you know the life you are living has been created by you, and only you can be the one that changes it.

Yes, change is scary but unless you take action for yourself you will continue on the same pathway, leading to regret and resentment over time.

Will your life end with regrets?

Imagine you are at the end of your life, and as you reflect back on your life, what is going to be the highlight? Was it living your purpose, following your heart?

If you answered no, than it is time to listen to your inner guidance and let go of the negative beliefs and inner critic that holds you back from being the spiritual being you are.

When you step out of your past… with all the restrictions and restraints imposed upon you, knowingly or unknowingly into the present as a powerful being, you step into a life of flow.

You become the creative force of your life, no longer controlled by your inner critic or fearful of being judged or blamed.

Follow the 5 suggestions below to be the creative force in your life

  1. Be aware of the negative voice, take note of what it says about you, and how it criticizes you, but instead of accepting the criticism…

  2. Acknowledge the voice, say thanks I can hear you but I choose to let you go, instead…

  3. Replace the negative voice with powerful positive affirmations about you – such as I am love, I am powerful, I am worthy, I am unique, I am the creative force in my life.

  4. On a daily basis make one positive change, such as saying no when asked to do something which makes you feel energetically heavy when normally you would say yes. It let’s your mind know that you are not prepared to continue in the same vein.  That you are open to change!

  5. Take time for yourself, if normally you just give to others. Be aware of how you feel. Notice, where those feelings are, what do they feel like? As you keep working at creating change your feelings will change and reduce over time, just as your inner voice will gradually quieten.

But if you want to speed things up, there are many therapies that you can use, to assist you, such as the Inner Child, Hypnotherapy, EFT, or Reiki, to name but a few.

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