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Your Higher Self and Seagulls!

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Your Higher Self and Seagulls have a great deal in common.

I have had the pleasure and the pain of the raising of 3 seagull chicks on my roof from mid June through to the early part of August, thanks to the very conveniently placed chimney stack!

The parent seagulls arrived and proceeded to set about preparing their nest, the first time I became aware of the seagulls was when those walking past my home going to a local riding stable kept looking up at my roof.

The joy began once the chicks were hatched, as they very cautiously wandered across a sloping roof. I could hear them as I lay in bed. They were slow to start with, but once they were more confident, they began exploring lower and lower down the roof, at times causing my heart to jump as they slipped walking on the tiles.

It was wonderful watching them grow but not quite so enjoyable being woken early morning with the screech of mum and dad returning with breakfast.

The reality of how fragile life is was when one of the chicks slide off the roof, just like we can have a tumble in life which impacts the quality of our life.  But at least we are helped back up and encouraged to keep going.  The chick unfortunately couldn’t get back up on the roof, nor could it be made safe as the parents wouldn’t let anyone rescue it to put it out of harm’s way.

Consequently later in the evening it became a tasty and easy dinner for a local fox.

It was fascinating to watch the chicks’ shelter from the heat of the sun, in the shadow of the chimney’s stack and settle into the nest huddled together when it rained heavily.  They had an inner knowing it wasn’t as if the parents could physically show them.

But the best part was watching them learning to fly, they would run along the ridge of the roof, and flap their wings, and if the day was windy enough they took off, landing with a slight thud, but getting stronger and more confident by the day.

Until finally they were able to leave the roof for good… flying! They were free to explore their environment, without restraint anymore.

Again nature has a habit of showing us, how they have this inbuilt knowledge. As I sat on the beach one evening, I watched how young seagulls congregate together at the shoreline, searching for food in the wet sand.  How do they know?  Well it has to be their connection to the universe and their innate wisdom.

I watched and listened with a heavy heart as the parents returned to the roof with food for the chicks, little realising they had gone and would not be returning, they had as the saying goes “flown the nest.”  They have continued to return now and then calling for their chicks, it is quite a heart rendering sound, almost a deep soulful cry, of where are you?

I use this story as a reminder that we are connected to the universe, and have access to our own inner wisdom, our higher self, but we forget we have.

We are born connected to our higher self, but we create beliefs from our thoughts which we think so may times that eventually we believe it is true. Consequently we allow our ego, to be in control, rather than trusting our higher self, to guide us in our daily lives.  Instead we feel guilty, even ashamed and judgemental of who we are. Spending a lot of time in our heads listening to negative self talk, yet we are happier, healthier, and more in flow when we are connected to our inner wisdom.

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